Monday, 28 May 2007

Yellow Cabs in New York

Business certainly was brisk
for Jose, a light morning mist
settled across Manhattan
Next passenger said Staten I

Did you mean Staten Island?
Asked Jose with a broad grin
Yea! Said Sam from Brixton
Shall I repeat address again?

Jose wasn’t de typical cabbie
in job just for the greenery
Good service was master key
in this his adopted country

Can I flip a CD on?
I have the morning papers
also said Jose, It dawned
on Sam – courtesy matters…

Thanks, whatever your name
Oops, Sam did it again,
He should have paid attention
to ID of friendly gentleman

A CD is fine, also N.Y Post
if you have a copy of course
Observing the cabbie’s ID
He thanked Jose retroactively

Footnote: greenery in this illustration refers to green bucks (money).